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My Directeur





About Us

With Directeur ERP software, you can get real-time insights into every area of your company’s performance and uncover new methods to improve workflows.

Who are we?

MyDirecteur was founded in 2018. It is an IT services firm that helps its clients enhance their business processes. Our ERP system supports clients in making the best decisions at the right time.

The IT architects wished to use their extensive knowledge and experience to solve real-world business challenges as soon as possible. They quickly realized that, in order to better focus on addressing business challenges and providing excellent service to their clients, they needed a software development center devoted to inventing cutting-edge solutions using high-tech approaches and delivering them on time. MyDirecteur offers up-to-date ERP solutions to its clients.

What is our mission?

Our objective is to prioritize the satisfaction and value of our customers. We strive for excellence in all we do and are dedicated to achieving world-class status in all aspects of our operations – technical and managerial. 

We focus on positivity and diversity.

In a free and open culture, individuals at MyDirecteur are empowered to take the initiative, share ideas, and enjoy completing tasks while keeping the interests of all stakeholders in mind. They also have self-discipline and a feeling of ownership. 

We prioritize our clients’ needs and aim to satisfy their expectations. MyDirecteur employees value diversity and rely on one another to achieve innovative, significant, and challenging goals by embracing and respecting differences.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction: We aim to uncover, understand, and exceed customer expectations in every deal in order to build long-term relationships that benefit both sides.

Leadership: Visionary behavior motivates individuals to work together to achieve challenging goals by building trust, stretching capacities, and inspiring commitment.

Teamwork: Working together to achieve common goals by employing each other’s skills.

Growth: Ambition to expand the company via personal and professional development. Capacity to lead, manage, and innovate to create more value. 

Streamline your business processes with the MyDirecteur ERP system

Whatever your industry’s requirements, our premier enterprise management solutions can assist you in analyzing complex data and driving corporate success. We’ll assist you with all you need to start our professional ERP application, from planning to implementation – all at a reasonable price. 

1. Inventory, sales, customer service, finance, and other fundamental company functions may all be managed with a single system.

2. Collaborate across departments, nations, various locations, languages, and legal requirements.

3. You can keep track of your financial activities using the general ledger, cost accounting, and budgeting.

4. Procurement, financial flow, and business purchases are all under control.

5. Get a 360-degree picture of your customers across sales, marketing, and customer support departments.

6. Production, wholesale distribution, and service operations all benefit from it.

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