Given the state of the economy, there is intense pressure to reduce operational expenses (OpEx) to achieve corporate objectives without adding staff; it is necessary to make sure the appropriate tools are in place. Cutting expenses is one way to recession-proof your brand. However, it would help if you still make sure that every interaction with your business operations is consistent and linked.

Recession Proofing with an Automated Solution

By 2026, it is anticipated that the global enterprise resource planning market will be worth $61.97 billion. However, the fact is that only some businesses may benefit from all of the available solutions or business management AI platforms. While small businesses could profit from a straightforward solution, they frequently need more tools than enterprise-level brands need to fulfill rising demands.

Even if your company’s current priority is cost-cutting, choosing the best solution for its requirements can help safeguard your customer experience and management in the long run by enabling teams to accomplish more ambitious business objectives without jeopardizing the brand experience or being constrained by unstable economic conditions.

Build vs. Buy: What to Consider

First-time users frequently believe that setting up efficient automation requires time and effort, which may be intimidating—especially when money is short. If your company is searching for an automation solution, you should first decide if it would be more cost-effective to develop an AI solution in-house or to purchase an external solution. It would help if you consider the following facts:

  • Are you hoping to get it in less time?
  • Are you able to build internally (in the given time)?
  • What degree of flexibility are you seeking in a solution?
  • Which choice has a longer lifespan?

A customized solution often requires an initial expenditure 10–20 times greater than that of automated software previously created. Additionally, it’s important to remember that development time might last up to two years. The upfront expenses and the urgency of your demands are the two most important factors to consider before deciding whether to construct or buy.

Internally Developing An Automation Solution

Building it may be viable if each aspect of an automated solution needs to be tailored to your company’s objectives. Consider the following before you start building internally:

  • Over ten developers and engineers are needed on the project for at least a year.
  • The project will be led by two full-time equivalents (FTEs) of business management AI.
  • One quality assurance (QA) tester for bugs, stress testing, and overall quality.
  • Two full-time equivalent data analysts will develop a measurement engine and generate insights from the data.
  • A project manager, a change management professional, and an officer in charge of cybersecurity.

On the other hand, a contemporary AI-powered platform enables you to create brand interactions without coding or development requirements. The non-technical staff members who are most familiar with your business operations can now complete tasks in weeks.

How To Choose The Right Automation Partner or Solution

If you’re looking toward an external solution, the next step is to choose a solution that enables you to swiftly and efficiently automate the majority of your company activities in response to consumer and market changes. This offers round-the-clock assistance to your business in expense management.

Setting and achieving long and short-term business goals should be your organization’s top priorities. Instead of only responding to general issues, you should start predicting your growth based on market trends and the financial health of your brand. It would help if you also began to offer tailored solutions to specific problems and enable their implementation.

Automation may be a powerful resource for firms that have reduced their staff size to assist the surviving employees. Your team can concentrate on the broader picture—the initiatives that drive their productivity and the expansion of the entire business—by automating the repetitive chores previously performed manually.

Owning your automation approach can help you stay strong in any situation. You can quickly boost overall productivity while providing consumers with superior service if automated business operations are on the front lines of your staff and customer journey.

When to Begin Automation?

Business is cyclic in nature. There are phases of expansion and prosperity, as well as times of recession and difficulty. No company is immune to these ups and downs. Nevertheless, with the use of intelligent, strategic automation, the damage to your brand can be reduced.

It might be challenging to know where to begin when so many automation solutions are available. Make sure to take automation into account when comparing platforms so you can scale up or down quickly to achieve your company objectives no matter the economy’s state. It is easier for businesses to choose automation as the best solution and do so before it becomes essential.


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