Business ideas for personality types

The tables below provide a quick reference guide for identifying small business opportunities that match different personality types. Understanding your personality type can be a valuable tool in identifying the type of work that will best suit you and bring you the most fulfillment. By matching your personality traits with the most suitable small business ideas, you can increase your chances of success and job satisfaction. Additionally, these tables can be used as a helpful resource for entrepreneurs looking to hire employees that fit their business’s needs and culture.

Personality TypeSmall Business SuitableWhy it’s SuitableOccupational Skills
ISTJAccounting services, Home cleaning services, Home inspection servicesISTJs are detail-oriented, responsible, and reliable, making them a good fit for businesses that require precision and accuracy, such as accounting and home inspection. They also value cleanliness and order, which makes home cleaning services a good match.Attention to detail, time management, record keeping, budgeting
ISFJBakery, Childcare services, Floral arrangementsISFJs are nurturing, supportive, and enjoy making others happy, which makes them ideal for businesses that involve caring for others, such as childcare services and creating beautiful floral arrangements. They also value tradition and enjoy creating comforting and familiar experiences, making a bakery a suitable choice.Patience, communication skills, attention to detail, creativity
INFJCoaching services, Counseling services, Non-profit organizationsINFJs are empathetic, insightful, and passionate about helping others, making them well-suited for businesses that involve personal growth and development, such as coaching and counseling. They also have a strong sense of purpose and value making a positive impact on the world, making non-profit organizations a good match.Active listening, problem-solving, empathy, leadership
INTJManagement consulting, Technology consulting, Research and developmentINTJs are analytical, strategic, and innovative, making them well-suited for businesses that require problem-solving and planning, such as management and technology consulting. They also value knowledge and intellectual pursuits, making research and development a good match.Strategic thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, project management
ISTPAuto repair services, Landscaping services, Fitness trainingISTPs are hands-on, practical, and enjoy physical activity, making them well-suited for businesses that involve using tools and working with their hands, such as auto repair and landscaping services. They also value independence and enjoy taking risks, making fitness training a good match.Manual dexterity, problem-solving, physical fitness, technical skills
ISFPArt gallery, Clothing boutique, Photography studioISFPs are creative, artistic, and enjoy expressing themselves, making them well-suited for businesses that involve creating and designing, such as art galleries and clothing boutiques. They also value aesthetics and beauty, making photography studios a good match.Creativity, visual design skills, attention to detail, customer service
INFPBookstore, Pet services, Counseling servicesINFPs are empathetic, idealistic, and enjoy learning, making them well-suited for businesses that involve personal growth and development, such as counseling and running a bookstore. They also value the natural world and enjoy caring for others, making pet services a good match.Active listening, problem-solving, research skills, empathy
INTPWeb development, Software development, Technical writingINTPs are analytical, logical, and enjoy problem-solving, making them well-suited for businesses that involve complex and technical tasks, such as web and software development. They also value precision and clarity, making technical writing a good match.Analytical thinking, programming skills, attention to detail, writing skills
ESTPEvent planning, Personal training, Food truckESTPs are outgoing, adventurous, and enjoy being in the moment, making them well-suited for businesses that involve creating exciting experiences, such as event planning and running a food truck. They also value physical fitness and enjoy pushing themselves, making personal training a good match.Communication skills, physical fitness, time management, creativity
ESFPEvent planning, Personal shopping, CateringESFPs are outgoing, enthusiastic, and enjoy creating fun experiences for others, making them well-suited for businesses that involve event planning, personal shopping, and catering. They also value working with others and have a talent for engaging people, which makes them natural hosts and entertainers.Communication skills, creativity, customer service, organization
ENFPPublic relations, Coaching services, Social media managementENFPs are creative, energetic, and enjoy connecting with others, making them well-suited for businesses that involve communication and relationship-building, such as public relations, coaching services, and social media management. They also value personal growth and enjoy helping others reach their full potential, making coaching services a good match.Active listening, problem-solving, empathy, communication skills

The ISTJ personality type is characterized by being reserved, practical, and quiet. People with ISFJ personalities are known for being warm-hearted, responsible, and reserved. INFJ types are compassionate, idealistic, and form close bonds with people. The INTJ personality is highly analytical, creative, and logical. Those with ISTP personalities enjoy alone time and are independent. ISFPs tend to have open minds, grounded warmth, and uncover exciting potential. INFPs are quiet, open-minded, imaginative, and approach everything with a caring and creative attitude. The INTP personality type is commonly referred to as “the thinker” or “the logician.” ESTPs are outgoing, action-oriented, and dramatic. ESFPs are considered friendly and have the ability to be the life of the party. ENFPs are often described as enthusiastic, charismatic, charming, energetic, and independent.