Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for Architects and Engineers

Time is valuable to engineers and architects, especially when it comes to managing projects efficiently. Your company’s earnings depend on how much time is spent on administrative tasks or hunting down project details. With an ERP for architects and engineers, your team can access the data required to make informed business choices and execute projects on time and under budget with the help of a fully integrated financial and operational software platform.

MyDirecteur is a cutting-edge, web-based ERP software made exclusively for project-based architecture, engineering, and professional services organizations. It operates in a unique environment. 

Leading architecture and engineering professional services businesses have extensively tested and used our software. 

The same software can also be used by other professional services firms, including:

  • Accounting, Financial Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Legal, Management firms, etc. 

These types of businesses depend on MyDirecteur daily to enhance sales, boost productivity, and assess and track team lead and employee performance. 

The program records all billable and non-billable hours, boosts employee productivity, simplifies project administration, and boosts the company’s earnings. Several important business operations are accessible, including customer relationship management (CRM), projects, timesheets, project-based accounting, office management, and invoicing.

Unlocking the Advantages: Nine Gains of Implementing ERP Solutions for Architecture Firms

  1. Gain real-time visibility with up-to-date data on a company’s performance and profitability.
  2. Depending on the present and projected workloads, optimize resource use and make hiring plans for the future.
  3. Boost billing and invoicing efficiency once the task is finished ( according to contract details ).
  4. You may increase client satisfaction by promptly replying to customer queries about your services, billing, invoicing, and information collection.
  5. Boost overall communication between the project’s internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Compile the data that you trust most.
  7. Stay on track by integrating all of your employees into the firm’s operations.
  8. Make reports specific to your requirements.
  9. Significantly increase cash flows.

What to expect?

We put you up to manage a simpler, more effective firm even as it expands and organizes crucial business data. You get better outcomes when your entire firm operates as one. Below are some features which can help you in efficient operation with MyDirecteur.

Project Accounting

Accurate Project Cost Management that includes: 

  • Consolidated enterprise-class financials with integrated Payroll.
  • Budgeting.
  • Purchasing.
  • Subcontract management.
  • Schedule of values billing.
  • Asset Management.
  • Inventory Management. 

And much more, all included in MyDirecteur ERP Solution.


From source to closure, identify, manage, and keep track of client and prospect opportunities. Manage both the customer service and sales connections.

Project Management

The project lifecycle and execution management includes workflow, document management with version history and tracking, resource and task management, and collaboration.


Mobile time entry that is automated and feeds both job cost and Payroll.

Equipment & Materials Management

You can handle complicated inventory and supply chain requirements, perform better field maintenance on your equipment, and relate it to job cost and asset management.

Field Service

With full mobile Field Service and access to customer history, equipment, inventory, buying, and more, technicians can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction on service visits and calls.


Manage leads from different lead sources.


To attract customers, MyDirecteur can help you create a professional quotation.

Reporting & Analytics

With the use of reports, dashboards, and robust business intelligence tools, it is now easier to control costs according to forecasts and budgets and proactively manage production and risk.

Why Partner With MyDirecteur?

Spreadsheets don’t work efficiently. You require technology that eliminates inaccuracies in data, integration challenges, high rates of human error, and excessive dependence on email. You may need to integrate your data for deeper insights and synergy by removing data silos across your departments. It will improve your projects’ outcomes due to your team’s improved collaboration.

With comprehensive project management, project accounting, job costing, and CRM software, MyDirecteur assists firms specializing in projects and services in managing each phase of the delivery and service lifecycle. We provide our clients with proven software experience to control cost and risk while delivering their distinct value to their consumers.

To increase performance and project management that enables you to plan, budget, predict, communicate, and report on all of your company operations, start your free trial with MyDirecteur now. Along the way, you’ll work quicker, more efficiently, and save money.